Rules and Procedures

Rules and procedures for the SGA Executive Elections are located in three documents.

  1. The SGA Constitution

  2. The SGA Bylaws

  3. The Executive Election Rules and Procedures

If you are running for a position in the SGA Executive Cabinet, or if you are assisting someone running for a position in the Executive Cabinet, please review the rules carefully. Campaign Teams will be held accountable for the actions of their members.

The elections Chair

The chief authority for interpreting and enforcing the rules and procedures is the Elections Chair. The Elections Chair presides over the Elections Committee.

Luke Stevens has been appointed and confirmed as the Elections Chair for the 2019 Executive Elections. If you have any questions or are concerned about possible misconduct, please contact the Elections Committee by completing the appropriate form.


Election Inquiry Form

If you have a question about election rules and procedures, please check with the Elections Committee by completing an Election Inquiry form. The Committee will get back to you as soon as it can!


Election Fair Play Form

If you are concerned that a campaign is not following the rules correctly, please let the Elections Committee know by completing an Election Fair Play form. The Committee will address the matter as soon as it can!


Campaign Materials Form

If you have a graphic you plan to use for your campaign, please submit it to the Elections Committee for review. The Committee will review the material as quickly as it can!